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after gmediafinder i develop a new software called ht5streamer, a new streaming apps written in javascript/html5/css and the new toolkit node-webkit !
the app support youtube and dailymotion engines for the moment
features are:
- search and view videos or playlists
- download videos
- convert audio from videos to mp3
- seek in videos
- fullscreen (with button in the player or the f touch and escape to exit or f too)
- browse suggested videos
- category search/browsing
- best rated/most popular browsing
- playlists search
- local playlist with database
everything without flash plugin and only html5 player (mediaelement)
and more :)
TO install it:
i don t have .deb or ppa ready (not possible for the moment) but the software include an update system :p
for the moment just download the zip file for your distrib, extract it then double click the \"ht5streamer\" file or run ./ht5streamer in your shell...
on linux only!
dependencies for this software are just ffmpeg, so run (for ubuntu/deb)
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
(or use your package-manager for others distros...)
if it does not start on 64 bits and have a error, try:
sudo apt-get install libudev1
cd /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
sudo ln -s
sources are on github or the .nw files:
for the 64 bits...
node-webkit sources and binaries are here :
(the app use version 0.5.1)
you can translate the software in your language ! for that download the .nw extract in and look in the tranlations folder, create a dir for your language then edit the .json file you ll understand it s very easy then send me your dir by mail :)
currently i have english and french language...
please report errors if needed and donate if you like and use the software ! :D
enjoy ++

* osx version done (10.7+)
* play files from disk if already downloaded
* fix vevo videos (only 480p...)
* added category navigation for youtube/dailymotion
* added best rated and most populars filters for youtube
* airplay support for freebox only (in france...)
* new update system !
* node-webkit updated to 0.7.2
* many fix...

v 0.3
* add youtube channels (maybe dailymotion soon...)
* play files from disk if previously downloaded
* fix previous / next buttons
* many small fixes
* add locale storage system based on indexedDb to save/organize your videos
* better contextmenu
* add category search and browse for youtube and dailymotion
* add suggested videos for dailymotion
* some small fixes

License: GPL
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